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MFC Presents New Automotive Credit Simulator to facilitate Sales at Dealerships.

At Micro Factory Capital (MFC), we are always looking for ways to support our partners and customers in the automotive industry. It is a pleasure to announce the arrival of an innovative tool that will transform the way automotive dealership sales teams work: the MFC Automotive Credit Simulator, powered by CALCONIC.

A Tool to Boost Sales

The vehicle purchasing process is exciting, but it can also be challenging for buyers, especially when it comes to financing. MFC's new Automotive Credit Simulator, powered by CALCONIC, is designed to make this process more transparent and simple, making the work of F&I teams and Commercial Advisors easier.

Key Features of the MFC Automotive Credit Simulator, powered by CALCONIC:

  • Custom Installment Calculator: Our tool allows commercial teams to provide end customers with an accurate estimate of the monthly installments for their automotive financing in seconds. This helps them make informed decisions and find the financial solution that best suits their needs.

  • Custom Financing Options: The Simulator offers a variety of customized financing options, providing flexibility to both buyers and dealership sales teams. This makes it easier to adapt offers to specific customer needs.

  • From the same simulator the Commercial or F&I Advisor can send all the simulation information to the client by email.

  • Finally, from the simulator it is possible to complete a simple form with basic data to apply to the credit evaluation process. The data collected in the simulator connects directly to MFC's CREDI.RED platform to offer a real-time evaluation of credit profiles, which speeds up the process and allows clients to know their financing capacity immediately. An Automotive Credit Executive (ECA) from MFC will respond in real time to the requests that arrive through the simulator.

Transforming the User Experience

The new MFC Automotive Credit Simulator is powered by CALCONIC, one of the best online calculation tools. This collaboration has allowed us to create an exceptional user experience. It is designed to work optimally on both personal computers and cell phones. The MFC Automotive Credit Simulator is not only a powerful tool for dealership sales teams, but it also provides significant benefits to vehicle buyers. It allows them to explore financing options more efficiently and better understand their ability to pay. For sales teams, this tool streamlines the sales process by providing a real-time credit assessment, helping to close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Saying goodbye to the old Excel Tools

The new Automotive Credit Simulator, powered by CALCONIC, allows dealers to stop using old Excel tools that are constantly outdated and do not offer the best user experience. The simulation takes a maximum of 5 seconds.

To learn about the new simulator, click on this link: automotivecredit

The new MFC Automotive Credit Simulator is a sample of our continuous commitment to improving the automotive industry in Ecuador. We are eager to see how this tool transforms the vehicle buying experience and facilitates sales at automotive dealerships.


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